We all have very busy lives, so putting in the time needed for training is extremely challenging, especially if training isn’t enjoyable for you. Perhaps you are planning a trip and need to put your pup into boarding anyway, why not give your pup the enrichment of training during that boarding time to establish solid obedience cues and better all-around manners.  Or you consistently use daycare for your dog and would like to modify a behavior you can’t get past at home.  Whatever your reasons, board-and-trains and day-training can save you time and frustration, as well as create a happy well-socialized dog and provide an enriching challenge during his stay at boarding.

We also provide private in-home consulting for those behaviors you just can’t fix in a boarding environment.  Whatever your needs, we will figure out a solution and help you find the dog you want, hidden inside the dog you have. Our training offerings for your dogs are as follows:
Board and Train Program
At the end of each program, the owner will be provided a video of their dog performing the individual tasks, a turnover session lasting approximately 1.5 hours to transfer those skills to the owner and one private in-home training completed within 3-5 days of going home.

Price:  $900 does not include boarding fees

Each Level of obedience in the Board and Train Program requires a 14-day minimum stay.  Not all dogs respond to this type of environment and we will do our best to determine within a few days if this environment is too stressful for learning for your dog.  In that 14-day period the dog will be taken out for training 2 times a day at least 5 days a week.  It will be up to the discretion of the owner and trainer if the dog is suitable for group daycare.  Learning happens more readily if the dog is not allowed to practice any bad behaviors during the training program, but exercise needs per dog vary and we will provide that exercise as needed.  Not all dogs are social in a group environment and we will make accommodations for those dogs who cannot be with the general population.
L1 Obedience
○ Place (on a mat)
○ Down stay with people coming through the door and polite greeting
○ 30-foot down stay with distraction of the facility
○ Coming when called on a long lead from 30 feet
○ Heeling around the block with minimal pulling
L2 Obedience
○ Place (on a mat) from distance
○ 60-foot down stay with distraction of people, 1 or 2 other dogs and other park-type distractions
○ Coming when called on a long lead with dogs. people and toy distractions
○ Heeling with distractions
○ Leave-it/take-it off food and toys
○ Leash reactivity work/aggression
○ Drop/tug
○ Tricks
○ Scootering/mushing

Day train program
Requires a minimum of 12 days over a 4 week period.  The client can pick 2 behaviors out of a menu to be accomplished in that period. The dog will be taken out for training once or twice in a day.  Learning happens at a different rate if allowed in daycare all day.  They get tired and it takes more repetition to achieve the same results as in the board and train program. At the end of the program, the owner will be provided a video of their dog performing the individual tasks and turnover session lasting approximately 1 hour to transfer those skills to the owner.

Price:  $600 not include daycare fees
○ 30-foot sit/stay
○ 30-foot down/stay
○ Beginnings of recall
○ Heel with little distraction
○ Place
○ Leave-it/take-it
○ Drop/tug
○ Tricks
○ Scootering/mushing
Private In-Home Training
We come to your home to address your needs.  Some things cannot be trained in a kennel environment.
Behavior Solutions
Treating Leash Aggression, Dog-dog Aggression, Fear, Anxiety, Impulse Control, Dog-human Aggression, and Reactivity.

Evaluation:  $85.  Some behavior issues are straight forward, others may need a professional to determine what is going on.  A behavior evaluation consists of discussing the behavior as well as observation of the environment, the people and the dog(s), along with determining what is going on.  A better training plan can be developed and management techniques can be implemented to keep the dog from practicing bad behaviors.
4 Private In-Home Sessions: $320.  Behavior cannot be changed or trained in a day.  It takes repetition and consistency to effectively change behavior in any animal, human or dog.  4 sessions will not complete this change, but it should provide the tools to get you moving forward on your own.
8 Private In-Home Sessions:  $600.  For those clients who need more help and guidance along the way.
Family dog training:
5 sessions for $390
○ Puppy Manners:  Socialization, Potty Training, Crate Training, Dealing with Teething, Beginning Impulse Control, Building a life-long bond, basic obedience and getting your puppy off to a great start!
Home Manners:  From greeting guests politely at the door to walking nicely in your neighborhood, harmonious family life requires knowing how to meet your dog’s needs and your dog having appropriate manners for life with people.  We’ll work together to make your multi-species family work for everyone.
Off-Leash Reliability:  Living in Colorado means lots of opportunities for your dog to run free off-leash, from dog parks to hiking and camping areas.  But if your dog isn’t reliable in these high distraction environments, off-leash play can turn into a headache or safety nightmare.  Keep off-leash time safe and fun for both of you with off-leash reliability training.
It is impossible to guarantee training with a dog, as dogs are biological creatures with drives, habits, interests, fears, illnesses, etc. that require different lengths of time and persistent maintenance.
However, we are very good at reaching our very ambitious training goals.


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