• Leash reactivity and aggression
    Leash Walking
  • Behavior Modification
  • Fear/anxiety
  • Over-arousal
  • Basic Obedience
    Off-leash reliability
    Crate Training
    Puppy Training

Day training and boarding

  • Various levels of obedience
  • daycare

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There is nothing more rewarding than helping a dog with "issues" become that dog that the owners will work with, love and nurture. There is nothing more rewarding than helping (homeless?) rescue dogs become adoptable and find their forever homes.  

My name is Victoria Baker and dog training is my calling. I knew it when I was barely twenty and trained my own dogs to hunt. Of course, I didn't listen to myself at twenty -- after many years and several unfulfilling careers, I knew it again while fostering new dogs every month for Mountain Pet Rescue in Grand County, Colorado and finally I accepted that my calling was dog training.

Knowing my vocation as a dog trainer was the first step. I also knew in my heart that I could never punish a dog into good behaviors so I searched for a better way for a dog to learn and consistently perform those good behaviors. I studied dog behavior modification, how dogs learn and the best dog training methods and I became a graduate of Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy. I mastered the basics of positive reinforcement training and I executed the tools of positive reinforcement to change how my fosters and my own dogs understood their world and my expectations of them.

After training over two thousand dogs; managing a boarding facility that provided care for over 100+ dogs a day, and helping over 100 rescue dogs find their forever homes, I have found my niche in helping dogs and their people learn to communicate and minimize frustration on both ends of the leash. I am recognized as a “go to” for difficult and aggressive dogs. Dog rescues and dog trainers across Colorado send me their most difficult cases.  

I recently joined a handful of Colorado dog trainers when I completed the rigorous certification through the International Association of Behavior Consultants as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. This certification process requires continuing education to stay up-to-date on the most recent science based research on dog training and behavior as well as over 500 hours of experience in animal behavior consulting.

I specialize in behavior modification such as:

- reactivity (leash, car, noise, door crazy, etc)
- resource guarding
- fear aggression (dog-dog), (dog-human), (dog-child)
- over-arousal and biting
- general anxiety
- barking and whining

I also specialize in more advanced skills such as off-leash reliability training, skijoring, and upland mushing.  I’ve developed successful protocols for door-crazy dogs and polite leash walking. And, after having a deaf dog, I specialize in that too. I perform dog behavior evaluations for several Colorado dog rescues. Nothing is more fulfilling than turning a frustrated, crazy or fearful pup into a happy member of the family and uncovering the awesome pup they already have.

Victoria Baker
Victoria Baker, CDBC


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