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Hi, my name is Victoria Baker and like so many other dog trainers out there, I became a dog trainer by default.  Starting with my own dogs training them to hunt, then working with Mountain Pet Rescue in Grand County fostering a new dog almost on monthly basis.  That was when dog training became my calling.  There was nothing more rewarding than helping a dog with "issues".  ​My first foster dog was afraid of everything.  I think he was locked up in a garage as that was were he preferred to be.  Upon adoption 6 months later, he went to his furever home a confident, happy, well-behaved dog.  

That was when I started to really study dog behavior.​ I am a graduate of Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy which provided me with the study of dog behavior and learning.  More than that, it provided me with hands on training with a wide variety of breeds and an even wider variety of temperaments and problems.  It also provided me with the basics of positive reinforcement training.

I knew in my heart that I could never punish a dog into being good and looked for a better way.  I harnessed the tools of positive reinforcement to change how my fosters and my own dogs understood their world and my expectations.​​Suddenly my passion took over and now I'm making a career of it.​​

Today, I love:​​  
 • Helping dogs and their people learn to communicate and    minimize frustration and “bad” behavior – on both ends of the    leash.    
  •  Watching dogs improve their life skills and emotional well-being.   
 •   Seeing families uncover the dog they want, hidden inside the    dog they have.

Victoria Baker
Victoria Baker, CDBC


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